Sale of originals

The original paintings are made without frame, as the panels don’t need one. Mostly metal
screw eyes are used to hang them. Sometimes copper chains and ornamental nails are used. This gives a “maritime look”. The best way to order them is by email. The prices of most paintings are between € 1100 and € 3000.


Pastel drawings, since august 2013

In august I started a new series of pastel drawings. The drawings have a positive radiance and
I start with an intuitive sketch. The material is eco-friendly and consists of the finest quality kaolin with the purest pigments.
The pastel drawings are not for sale now. They are used in stories which can be downloaded through this website. The series is named: “50 Shades of Heavenly-blue”. There is no English version yet, you can find the first story on the Dutch part of this website.

Lending originals or prints

There are possibilities for non-profit organisations in The Netherlands.


To make the paintings affordable to a broad public, high quality photos are printed on canvas or forex-PVC plate. Canvas and forex have a very different appearance. Canvas gives a nostalgic look, while forex gives a modern one. Forex is strong, but not as heavy as normal PVC. Its interior is black, making the side of the canvas to blend in beautifully with the lines of the painting.


Lately I had an original painting, one printed on canvas and the other one printed on forex hanging beside each other. Someone asked me: “Which one is the original?” That is a sign of the quality of the prints I think. Of course the price of the prints is more affordable than the price of the original paintings.
The prices differ according to the size, but they are available from € 100.

Did you make a decision about the order, or do you want to know more? Look at Contact.


Reproductions, 10% discount!

Sweetie Pie  Print op canvas 50 x 60 cm€ 135€ 121,50
Sweetie Pie  Mat afdruk op forex-plaat50 x 60 cm€ 117€ 105,30
Mouse-pad € 13,50€ 12,15

Shipping costs are not included