The values of the Christian faith are essential in my paintings and drawings. My work does not show scenes from the Bible, but it does make a link between faith and everyday life. Love, seen in tolerance, honesty and openness are important here. My work testifies about the way God works in my life. The drawings and paintings are (also for me) constructive, comforting and encouraging.


The theme of the paintings is: “There is more between heaven and earth.” The theme of the drawings is: “50 shades of heavenly blue.” In my work, things are emphasized which are often overlooked in our culture. We are so busy with material things... The paintings and drawings tell about inner things. The expressive power is positive. You can mail me If you want to know more about the content.

For whom

The paintings are made for a wide audience. For example for people who wonder what else is out there in life... People with an interest in religion and consciousness might feel connected to the content. Children often see the paintings and drawings as a game. They immediately go to search, which is in it!


The design of the paintings and drawings is intuitive. The style is simple with bright colors.
In my paintings homemade tempera paint is used.

The design

Before I start, I have no idea what the painting will look like. I stand before an empty panel with a piece of charcoal in my hand. Than I put lines on the panel until I think it is full enough. This is called intuitive drawing. Mostly I do not see anything in it at that stage. I put it on a place where I will see it often. Eventually I see something in it. When the content is negative I throw the drawing away. I do not wish to add something negative to the world.
When the content is positive I often find a suitable Bible-text and the colors can be put in.

The paint

Since 1994 I work with tempera paint on panels. In tempera the egg yolk is essential as a basis. The paint I use is homemade and I used an old recipe. I use a basis, which does not damage the environment.
Mixing the egg yolk with linseed oil, water and soap makes this basis. The mixture is rubbed with Chinese clay and chalk. Then I have a thick cream-colored paint which can be used with a palette knife. To make it white I use artificial titan oxide. For making the other colours I use for example yellow ochre and green earth.