NaamLuus Verheijen
AdresVan Eerdehof (at the green flag)
De Zeven Provinciƫn 59
2253 XV Voorschoten
Mobiel06 - 20827975


Broeders van Sint Jan: In the monasty, help is given to anyone who asks for it. This can be by education about religion and by help with all kinds of personal problems.

CIP: Christelijk Informatie Platform. Diverse information, also about charities and holidays.

Choose for unity: National Dutch action about unity between the Dutch churches is having a follow up in Belgium now!

Colorpro(o)f produces our reproductions on canvas and forex.

CCR: Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Conferences, Teenage festivals and a lot more...

Kruislinks is a Christian start-page in which you find a lot of art.

Logos Hope: the ship which goes around the world, to bring knowledge, help and hope.

Nationale Synode: a movement that stimulates the unity among Christians.

Redeemer is an international evangelical church in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Sieradenshop Nathalie is a webshop for low price jewelry.

Startkabel also has pages with Christian information.